DeveloperWildlife Studios
Requirements6.0 and up

Zooba MOD is a fast-paced online multiplayer survival game that offers action, unique gameplay, and an awesome free multiplayer survival adventure experience. Zooba offers fun survival play modes and endless hours of free multiplayer excitement. Our favorite Zoo Animals are now in a new game: Suspects Mystery Mansion! You can win prizes and upgrade your animals in the game.

Zooba MOD: Fun Shooting Battle is a new game mode for the popular Battle Royale game mode. Players will be able to choose one of more than 10 different animals to compete with each other. The game retains the traditional gameplay of Battle Royale, so the player will have no difficulty in getting to know this game at all. Zooba: Fun Shooting Battle is a shooting game that lets you fight for the title. Players can only equip up to 3 different weapons to form a massive set of weapons.

There are more than 10 animals with different types of skills for players to get a comfortable choice, from a hot-temple gorilla to a sneaky chameleon. Once every minute, the area on the map will be narrowed to a random position to force all players to appear and fight within the area. If any player is still outside that round, they will automatically lose HP and die. Zooba is a free-to-play mobile game that allows you to play with friends. The game has been updated for the Android and iOS versions.

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