DeveloperLightricks Ltd.
Requirements8.0 and up

Videoleap Mod is a surprisingly powerful video editing app that feels easy to use and familiar to users. The app's interface is designed to be simple, with a set of toolbars that slide below your video timeline. Just like with photo editing, just a small change is enough to make the video more impressive. Videoleap Mod can almost guarantee that your work will be unique. Lightricks Videoleap is a video editing app that allows you to edit videos in three steps.

The first step involves selecting the base video, adding a second one for the background, and starting the double exposure process. If you want to repeat a certain value more than once, this is also easy with the third set of keyframes option. Lightricks does not have watermarks to mark copyright, so you can easily share your work with friends.

Editor of Video Content

When you first start using Videoleap by Lightricks, it will show you the basic functions, but mastering them and using them in a truly unique way will take time. You can combine the best parts of several videos into a single video. Cutting, pasting, position modification, and a variety of other functions will all be fully functional in such situations. Users can also alter the recording elements in the video manually.

When adding video, think about how it will fit in the frame and what aspect ratio you want to use. You can also drag various parts to enlarge or decrease them into a specific region, depending on your creativity. It's great for coordinating the positions of the pieces you've placed and tweaking the impact as needed. However, because there is a lot of work to be done, it might occasionally cause special challenges. 

It is simple to make changes.

To see the toolbar, tap on a video you recently imported (Import) from your media collection. If you've ever used a photo editing programme, you'll know some of these features right away. Filters offer bright colours and effects, while the Adjust function allows you to fine-tune anything from the video's exposure to its contrast. Just like with photo editing, a minor modification can transform a video into something more amazing.

Frame by frame, make adjustments.

Enlight Videoleap can tamper with each frame to give you the greatest footage possible. Tone Lab, for example, may split a movie and modify the colour of a selection or the entire frame. Simply tap the diamond-shaped symbol on the toolbar's right side. The video will come to a halt while you select the effect's duration and colour parameters.

If you want to repeat a value more than once, the third set keyframes option allows you to do so. 

Photo with two exposures

I used to have to open Photoshop software on my computer and go through a series of procedures to acquire the appropriate outcome when I wanted to make a film with a Double Exposure effect. But now, using Videoleap, I can do it in three easy steps.

The first step is to choose a starting video. Second, use the Mixer tool to add a second video as a background and begin the double exposure process. To align both movies to the same width, select Fit in the Transform feature. Then return to the Blending menu and pick Screen. There are many different effects to choose from, and you can experiment with them until you discover one that you like. If one of them has too high Opacity, lower its value to prevent the frames from overlapping.

The work can stop here, but if you want to make your film stand out even more, add a third video in the third phase. The operations to be carried out are similar to those in the previous step. However, instead of selecting Screen Option in Blending, pick Mirror to alter motion direction and responsiveness. Furthermore, when there are a lot of overlapping frames, the colours are muddy, which might cause havoc when they're all played at the same time. As a result, you'll need to tweak the Opacity and Contrast a little. Other Blending modes, such as Multiphy and Rectangle Mask, are also worth a shot. 

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