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Requirements5.0 and up

How about making TOON-tastic cartoons from your selfies in no time?

Now quickly make a vector art of yourself with just one click; with the tome app, there is no more straightforward process than the ToonMe app. 

ToonMe app uses complex Machine learning algorithms and gives the best result. You can become a Disney character or any cartoon character as you like.

Become a 3D Character

ToonMe can turn you effortlessly into a 3D character; with one click, there are many presets inside the ToonMe app, making it reasonably easy to become anything you want to; there are many variations you can do. You can even change the background, animate the image, add particles, and many more. 

Create a vector art of yourself

ToonMe can easily create a vector art of yourself. There are numerous options to choose from, there's something for all, it's now seen that there is a trend of profile pictures with the cartoony look, but to achieve that look usually until now, you had to manually draw your portrait on a drawing app like adobe illustrator or, if your not a good artist, you could always hire someone and pay them to make your portrait. 

ToonMe has enabled the user to create their looks as they want quickly; they don't need to pay anything to make a vector art or portrait of themselves.

Easy to use Interface

ToonMe has a straightforward and straight forward interface, ToonMe has a perfect UI, the UI is simple and requires you to select the style you like after which you can easily upload your picture and your image will be ready in a few seconds, without you needing to do anything silly or complex.

Turn yourself into your favorite cartoon character.

ToonMe can turn you into a natural-looking cartoon character, not only the old school 2D cartoon characters but can turn you into 3D-looking cartoon characters. It's not just applying a filter just like other apps do; it's using machine learning to make it happen; it analyses your image and turns you into something magical.

Advanced Ai Algorithm

ToonMe uses advanced machine learning and AI algorithms, which enable it to make the desired look you want; it applies a filter over your image and analyses your pictures as soon you upload them. It identifies it and then and then it draws an outline of your face and adds cartoony colors to it. It also automatically identifies shadows and highlights and adds them to your images. It's a very advanced app.

A Ton of quality templates

ToonMe has many quality templates to choose from; there are many variations of what you can do. If you're in a hurry and want to turn yourself into vector art, select a template, and you are good to go. 

However, if you want something more customizable, you can easily customize the look of your image by just modifying it; there are many modifying options manually. Even there are options to add other photos or assets over your pictures. You can add custom assets, particles, and elements too.

Make a cartoon collage of yourself.

ToonMe can also create a collage of your image. It can make you look like any cartoon character, it can be 2D or 3D, and it will automatically create a collage of all the looks that it has made for you. It can be enjoyable, as the images now can be shared among your friends and make them wonder how you did that.

Steps: How to Install ToonMe 

ToonMe apk is straightforward to install. There are no complications; you need to sideload the apk after downloading it. The sideloading on Android is very easy. For more details, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Download the ToonMe 

Step 2: After your finished downloading, click on the downloaded file from your downloads folder or directly from the browser's download tab.

Step3: You need to make sure about enabling unknown sources from the settings for your android device; once allowed, you would not have any problems.

Note: If the app is not installing, make sure to check your device; if any previous or another version of the ToonMe app is installed, the new installation might fail. So, before installing the latest apk, make sure to uninstall any previous versions.


ToonMe is an excellent app, especially for the accurate results it produces. It makes your photos truly cartoony. It's doesn't fool users by just applying some filters. Instead, it uses its AI algorithms to create a nearly perfect sketch of the user's picture. ToonMe is a great na fun tool. It can be used in making DP's for social media, or it can also be used to show your friends the cartoon version of you.

Mod Info:
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