DeveloperTikTok Pte. Ltd.
Requirements4.4 and up

TikTok is the number one short video platform in the whole world. It was also very popular in India. TikTok recently got banned in India by the Indian government; TikTok had a very large user base. TikTok is a short video platform where users upload videos upto 1 minute in length. The app is very popular among youngsters; the app has a very good UI and a very good algorithm to suggest videos. Recently TikTok has become the most popular social media. TikTok is the number one growing app in the whole world.

Why is TikTok so popular? 

TikTok became so popular because of its suggesting algorithm. It suggests videos that are very addictive to watch, TikTok knows what its users like to watch. There are several videos on TikTok, a lot of videos get uploaded daily on TikTok, so there is no lack of content for people to watch. TikTok is generally a very good time pass. Watching TikTok can pass your time very easily.

A lot of users

The TikTok app has a lot of users and a lot of videos. These videos are very interesting to watch. Not all of them are great, but there are very good videos also; some of the videos are so good that one can learn a lot of things from them. Because the algorithm of TikTok became very successful. TikTok also came to a lot of controversies. Suppose you are so obsessed with the app that some of the governments of the world banned the app in their countries. Even it was on the list of getting banned in the US.

Features of TikTok

TikTok has many features. Not only their features of uploading videos but various filters can be used to make videos. In the law, many content creators have used those filters and create something very unique of their own. With this huge amount of filters, there is no limit on how you use them. You can use them to create stunning videos and even create awesome content.

TikTok the real social media for videos

YouTube is very popular. YouTube has a lot of videos, and YouTube has a lot of subscribers or users. While YouTube is a great place to watch videos, it doesn't provide the same content as TikTok. TikTok is more oriented towards youth and the Millennials. It was billed keeping in mind the Millennials. TikTok has a lot of features which makes it the perfect social media for videos. As the videos are very short and fun to watch, the time gets passed easily.

A huge library of copyrighted music

The most important and impressive thing about TikTok is the collection of music. TikTok has all the music of all the major music production companies. TikTok has a huge amount of music. Any music can be used on your videos and can be shared anywhere. Before TikTok, this Was not possible because of copyright, but after TikTok, it is not possible as the videos are very short, and the music can be used under fair use. Using any music on TikTok could not give you any copyright. TikTok has a lot of music for every language and every ethnicity. It doesn't only limit to English or any other language. Users can upload their tricks easily, and others also can use those tricks to make their videos. Because of this, there are a lot of trends that are happening on TikTok.

A very good camera app

TikTok is a very good integrated camera app. The camera app allows you to shoot videos directly from the app. The camera app has many pictures and filters. There are many things that you can do with the camera app. The app has support for many Assets and filters. There is something for everyone. It doesn't only, and their quality of the videos are also very good.

Special effects

TikTok has special effects built in their slow-motion boomerang fast forward type of thing built into the app. Also, users can use things like VFX visual graphics from each side of the app. Making videos is a piece of cake on TikTok. It's not because it's very easy, but it's because of TikTok, making the user experience very good.

Steps: How to download and install TikTok ?

Installing the TikTok is very easy; follow the steps below:

Step 1: Download the game from the link we have provided.

Step 2: After the download is done, click on the downloaded apk and install it.

Step 3: Make sure to turn on unknown sources for your android device.

If the installation fails, make sure to check that you have not installed any previous or other versions of the game; if you have already installed the game from the Google Play store, uninstall it, and try reinstalling the TikTok apk.


TikTok is a very fun and entertaining app. It is the most used app in today's age. TikTok is not only a video-sharing app, but it's much more than that. Popular creators on TikTok are earning a lot of money from brands and advertisements. Even TikTok has become more popular than Facebook. But as the TikTok is a Chinese app, it got into controversy with many other governments. Because of its link with China, many governments are willing to ban it. But it doesn't stop there; many people also pose very bad videos or very poor quality content on TikTok. TikTok needs to fix all of these things and is doing it. TikTok is getting better and better day by day and popular, and TikTok will continue growing in the future.

Mod Info:
  • Removed all ads
  • Made downloading without watermark to Movies/TikTok folder instead of DCIM/Camera
  • Removed all restrictions on downloads, you can download any video
  • Removed all other restrictions (many)
  • The application was cleaned as much as possible, duplicate graphics removed
  • Optimized graphics
  • Maximum compression + ZipAlign
  • Disabled unnecessary activities
  • Removed restrictions on duets and stitching
  • Rewind is now available in any video
  • Battery drain optimization
  • Remove most of regional restrictions
  • Google Login Won’t Work
  • Thanks to SAEEDStarv for Help
  • Modded By DMITRY Nechoporenko

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