DeveloperPure Tuber Studio
RequirementsAndroid 4.4

Everyone likes to have their time spend watching videos. Even nowadays, where the world's situation is not that great, and everyone is on lockdown, the most popular thing is to watch videos. And when watching a video comes to mind, there's only one top-rated free platform from google, i.e. Youtube.

Youtube has been there for a long, and there's no doubt that youtube has become so huge in numbers and users that it's impossible to beat. Youtube is one of the critical platforms of google. Youtube is earning google a ton of revenue, but through youtube, they have become the only giant free video streaming service, where millions of content creators are also working.

Many people have taken youtube as their career; they upload videos on youtube to earn revenue. Youtube is an excellent platform, but it has its downsides. The main downsides of youtube are that it's free, but there are ads all around. 

Youtube is google's core business, and another core business of google is an advertisement. So youtube is the best place to show ads for people to see them. It's not a bad thing to deliver ads and keep the platform free of cost. But lately, the ads situation has been increasing a lot. Google has been pushing many ads, and it's getting more annoying day by day.

Yes, there are services like youtube premium, where users can pay a small fee to block ads, but not everyone can pay, and many people, especially students, use youtube for education and don't have so much pocket money. It can be unpleasant for them as ads can interrupt their studies whenever they are watching any videos.

Features of Puretuber

So there's the app called Puretuber. Puretuber is a fantastic app. Puretuber can block all ads from youtube, and the best part is that it's all free. Puretuber has all features on the youtube app. Let's now look at some of the amazing features that Puretuber has.

No ads

Puretuber blocks all ads from youtube and gives an ad-free experience to its users. There's no doubt that Puretuber is the only app of its kind available on the google playstore. Puretuber is an excellent alternative to the original youtube app.

More privacy-focused

Youtube is not at all a privacy-centric platform. The main goal of google is to track its user's activity and show them ads. But Puretuber is more privacy-focused as it's build using the web version of youtube, where Puretuber blocks all the ads and trackers by default. So, it becomes impossible for google to gather users data through trackers.

Maximum Resolution

Puretuber supports the maximum resolution of any uploaded youtube video. It can play videos in 4k and even in 8k if the videos are uploaded in 8k resolution. There are no limitations with Puretuber.

Supports cast and background play

Puretuber has support for cast and popup player. The videos can be played on a picture-in-picture window on the Puretuber app. The Popup window is resizable and is similar to the one on the youtube premium.

Use as a Music Player

Puretuber can be used as a music player for all your music needs. All the music and songs on youtube can be played in the background, giving the users a tremendous listening experience.

Like, comment, share and subscribe.

Puretuber can block ads, but general features like liking and commenting are also present on the app. Users can sign in with their Google account, and all the recommended videos of youtube would be ready for them. Also, they can like and comment on their favourite videos. Overall there are no limitations on Puretuber.

Steps: How to download and install Puretuber?

Installing the Puretuber is very easy; follow the steps below:

Step 1: Download the game from the link we have provided.

Step 2: After the download is done, click on the downloaded apk and install it.

Step 3: Make sure to turn on unknown sources for your android device.

If the installation fails, make sure to check that you have not installed any previous or other versions of the game; if you have already installed the game from the Google Play store, uninstall it, and try reinstalling the Puretuber apk.


Puretuber is the best alternative to the YouTubes official app. The Puretuber app has all the features that the youtube app has. Puretuber can block all the ads from youtube videos. Other than that, it's more privacy-focused, and it has the premium features of the Youtube app like background play and picture-in-picture mode. And the best thing is that the Puretuber app is free, and there are no hidden charges. So it's highly recommended to download and experience the Puretuber app.

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