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PUBG Mobile
Requirements6.0 and up

What is PUBG Mobile no VPN apk?

Recently PUBG Mobile was banned in India. After which PUBG Corp. had to shut down their servers in INDIA. This made it harder for players to play the game in INDIA. However, there are certain tips and tricks to get it working using a VPN or changing the DNS server.

But, it’s not a permanent and efficient fix as using a VPN connects to other servers and makes the PING of the game go very high, resulting in a very bad experience in playing the game.

So, therefore we have researched a lot for our Indian users to bring the official version that works without a VPN and here we are. Presenting you PUBG Mobile in INDIA working without a VPN

Awesome Graphics and Gameplay

PUBG Mobile is built on Unreal Engine 4 which makes it very advanced compared to other game engines, as the unreal engine has better physics optimisation and supports better graphics. The gameplay is smooth and responsive; the controls are very quick and easy to play.

Full Battle Royale

PUBG Mobile is one of the first and most popular battle royale games. PUBG was first developed for the PC and later made for the smartphone, which led to its popularity. The game is fun and addicting to play. A total of 100 players jump together on an Island and survive till the last wins the game.

90 FPS Support

PUBG Mobile is very advanced and has support for 90 FPS on a smartphone. The latest PUBG mobile update brings support for high refresh rate display smartphones making the playing experience very smooth and fast.

Multiple Game Modes

There are many game modes such as TDM, Arena Training, Classic battle royal modes. PUBG Mobile has it all covered up for its players. There are also options for players to team up as a four-member squad or a duo or even play solo.

Team Death Match

Team deathmatch has been one of the most popular game modes of multiplayer games. PUBG MOBILE brings TDM to Mobile, with highly responsive controls and graphics. TDM is between two squads fighting each other, the one scoring the highest first wins.

  • Provided Premium Graphics Tool

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