Project QT

Project QT

Size55 MB
Requirements5.1 and up

Project QT mod apk is a fascinating action-adventure simulation game for those over the age of 18. If you enjoy these types of games, you should try project QT mod apk. You will fall in love with it the more you play it. This is an animation game with anime characters. As a result, you'll find a lot of anime-related items in this game. That does not, however, imply that the game is uninteresting.

While playing project QT mod apk, you'll get to try out a variety of various entrainment flavours. However, because this game is highly addictive, you should only play it when you have free time. This game's storyline is intriguing, fictional, and engaging. Players enjoy this game even more because of its fascinating tale. And when you've played this game for a bit, you'll see that there are a lot of various things to discover. This game is the perfect method to pass the time in your spare time. This game is for you if you're ready to save the world with the help of seductive and attractive girls. Continue reading to learn more about Project QT mod apk.

Features of Project OT mod apk

Beautiful Women

Girls have been making money off of this game to make it more appealing. Everyone is aware that most boys play video games, even though creators have included female characters. This game's feature is well-liked by all.

Play with your pals

This is a game that you can play with your friends as well. It's a multiplayer game based on this. If you become bored playing the game alone, invite your buddies to join you in playing Project QT MOD APK.

Unlocked Premium

This mod has received the most downloads. Because this edition includes all of the Project QT games' premium features. You do not need to make any purchases to play the game because you will get all of the things you get when you buy them without spending any money.

Graphics are of Excellent Quality.

It is critical to have high-quality visuals in games to enhance the beauty of any game and to make it popular. And because this functionality is included in this game, it is currently being downloaded. The graphics in this game will appeal to you greatly.

Unrestricted abilities

This is the game's most unique feature because it is the only way to win the game again and over again. It is critical to have abilities to win any game. You can play the game but not win if you lack the necessary skills. As a result, Project QT Cracked APK gives you unrestricted abilities.

The sound is excellent.

By the way, I have not heard the sounds of this game, but based on the searches for this game, I can assume that the sound quality will be excellent because people will not like a game unless it has good gameplay, graphics, and sound quality. As a result, I believe you will enjoy the sound of this.


Project QT is the ideal blend of role-playing, adventure, and puzzle-solving to provide gamers with an entirely new gaming experience. Furthermore, the girls are the most noticeable and enjoyable part of the game, providing the most impressive and captivating moments throughout. As a result, the game is sensitive and appropriate for individuals who prefer playing sensuous games alone.

Mod Info:
  • Menu on Battle
  • HP Changing to 1%/50%/100%
  • Auto Win
  • Enemy Kill
  • Change every stone to Block of choice
  • Change every stone to color of choice
  • SKill Ready

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