DeveloperPlayKids Inc
Requirements4.4 and up

PK XD is an excellent open-world game. The game has been trending recently. The game is gaining a lot of popularity. The game has a lot going for it. You can play with your friends and explore the open world of PK XD. There are many things to do and explore in this game. Players have everything in this game; they can have virtual pets, houses, cars, friends, and much more.

Features of PK XD 

There are many features of the PK XD game, the game is open-world which makes it have endless things to do on a map. The map has no bu=oundaries and can be explored with friends. There are many houses and items players can purchase inside the game.

Virtual Pet

Ever wondered about having a virtual pet? Well PK XD has a collection of pets players can choose from. There are many pets like pigs, cows, dogs, cats, and many more. Players can choose whatever they like. Every pet needs to look after; players have to feed them and look after their health. Players in PK XD have to take care of their pets and look after them as in real life.

Make your avatar

With PK XD there are many options for players to choose their avatars. Players can easily select their favorite looks and customize their avatars according to what they like. There is an enormous collection of items like clothes and shoes that players can purchase with in-game currency. Players can show off their items to their friends.

Build your dream house

After players start PK XD they already get a house for themselves, but the place is basic and can be improved by buying and adding items to their homes. Players can choose many decoration items for their homes, and they can invite their friends to their homes, making them amused by their homes. Also, players can go to other friend's houses and check out their items. To upgrade homes, players need to have coins or ingame currency.

Challenge and win with friends

Players can choose to challenge their friends in mini-games; many mini-games can be played inside PK XD. The players compete with each other, and the winner also gets some reward, which they can use in purchasing or upgrading items inside the game.

Online chatting with friends

PK XD has a very good chatting option, which lets players chat with their friends. Players can talk to each other and relax. They can have a party and talk about any topic. However, the chat is moderated for safety purposes. The players can't abuse others with discussion.

Join the community

PK XD has a vast and growing community of players. New players joining the game can join the community and discuss new features and bugs about the game. Also, players can ask for help if they need it. There are many people helping others to learn the game.

Fancy Graphics

PK XD has very beautiful graphics. The Graphics in 3D and is very good to look at. Although some may not like it as it's not a realistic approach. The developers of PK XD has opt-in for more cartoony and fancy-looking graphics, making it fun looking for the players. Also, the graphics are very optimized for smartphone devices.

Steps: How to Install PK XD 

PK XD is straightforward to install. There are no complications; you need to sideload the apk after downloading it. The sideloading on Android is very easy. For more details, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Download the PK XD 

Step 2: After your finished downloading, click on the downloaded file from your downloads folder or directly from the browser's download tab.

Step3: You need to make sure about enabling unknown sources from the settings for your android device; once allowed, you would not have any problems.

Note: If the app is not installing, make sure to check your device; if any previous or another version of the PK XD is installed, the new installation might fail. So, before installing the latest apk, make sure to uninstall any previous versions.


PK XD is a very fun game; the concept of the game makes it more fun. NAd because the game is based on an open world, players have the versatility to do whatever they like. There are many mini-games and also many items in the game that players can collect. Players can easily communicate with themselves with chat. Overall the PK XD is very phenomenal and is very fun to play.

Mod Info:
  • MOD Menu 
  • All Houses Unlocked (It's visible only for you) *Turn on the mod then start creating Character.
  • AD Free

Download PK XD Mod Apk


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