PicsArt Mod Apk
RequirementsAndroid 5.0

PicsArt is the best all-in-one photo and video editor on mobile! Unleash your creativity with one of the most popular apps with over 1 billion downloads to date.

PicsArt is the most versatile app when it comes to photo editing on any smartphone. PicsArt has all the features that you need to create a fantastic edit of your pictures.

PicsArt is free to download, has many features, and no other app is even close to the PicsArt app in terms of flexibility and features.

The PicsArt app has been there for a long now. The app has been improving a lot and has added a ton of features for its users.

The app has phenomenal editing capabilities and is very versatile. Many artists and photo editors from all over the world use PicsArt to edit photos. Picsart not only can edit simple pictures but can also be used to do complex manipulations. 

The most likable thing about Picsart is the community it has over other apps. There are tons of people editing pictures using PicsArt, and they share their editing tips and tricks, which makes it very helpful for other people.

All-rounder editor

Picsart is the all-in-one editor; the app has all the features available for your photo editing needs. The app is very versatile and easy to use. There are features for everyone to use. 

PicsArt has simple features like cropping up to complex features like layers, blending modes, and complex filters.

PicsArt is used by many professionals who want to edit their phones on the go. Even some compare it with the more advanced photo editing tools like photoshop.

Picsart can do everything that any photo editor would want. There are also color adjustments and also tons of brushes and presets of filters to choose from.

User-friendly interface

Picsart has a very user-friendly and easy-to-use interface. The interface is built using beginners in mind. There are no complications; while editing a photo, the options are straightforward and easy to find. The PicsArt app has everything that is needed for a smartphone user. 

Often, the pictures we click with our smartphones don't appear to have excellent quality. We don't get the best results from point and shoot. It has become essential to edit and adjust the images we click to make them pop to post them to social media without any hesitations.

After all, no one likes a dull picture. In the age of social media, everyone wants to have a very bright and vivid image. PicsArt can easily make your photos different from the rest of the people by making them look very professional. 

Very Powerful and Versatile

PicsArt is very powerful; it can be used to edit any images; numerous options can be done with PicsArt, there are no limitations.

Many professionals use PicsArt to create amazing manipulations. PicsArt can help anyone achieve the look they are going for without editing pictures with a much more complex photo editor like photoshop.

Picsart has all the features and abilities that can be used on a smartphone. Even no one could easily differentiate the images you edit with PicsArt vs. Photoshop.

Video Editing Abilities

PicsArt is not only a photo editor but can also edit videos; there are also a ton of features on the video editor. The PicsArt Video editor can easily trim videos and also make adjustments like brightness and much more.

It might not be the best video editor on a smartphone, but considering the main motive of the PicsArt app is to edit photos and still has video editing capabilities, it makes it one of the most useful apps to have on your smartphone.

There are no other apps that can do such multi-purpose things. PicsArt has done a phenomenal job of bringing everything into one app and making it very usable and easy to use.

Draw with PicsArt

The photo editing and video editing was not the only part. PicsArt has also support for drawing; there are numerous brushes to choose from. It's not just a simple drawing tool. The drawing tool is very advanced with layers and blending modes. The drawing tool can be easily used to make out excellent illustrations and also can be used for various things.

There's no limitation of how you use PicsArt, and it just depends upon your imagination on what you can achieve with it.

Support for stickers

PicsArt has support for stickers built-in. Many stickers prebuild into the app, but there's also an option to add custom stickers on PicsArt; even you can create custom stickers for WhatsApp and other social media platforms with picsart. The automatic background removal of PicsArt is excellent and valuable, as it helps make professional stickers very quickly.

Prisma effects

PicsArt has many Prisma filters that, you can use to get a very artistic look out of your images, the filters are fairly easy to use and don't need any hard work, the filters have very good quality. The opacity and blend mode of the Filters can be adjusted easily.

Beauty Edits

PicsArt has a powerful beauty mode editor, it's perfect to remove any imperfections from someone's face. the editor has features like warp and also support for changing hair colors and even eye color. there are many other things as, smoothing the skins or removing blemishes, there are features to make the face slim and look beautiful.

The beauty features of the PicsArt can be perfect for people wanting to make themselves look beautiful, and they can be good for images that are posted on social media. 

AI Features

PicsArt has many AI features built-in, there are features like easy background removal from images with AI, in just one click, there is also removal of objects from any particular image or scene. There are a lot of options to choose from.

Many fonts to choose from

PicsArt can be also a graphics editor, you can easily make beautiful graphics with PicsArt. For images, there are many fonts to choose from, the fonts on PicsArt are very beautiful and good to look at, there is also a vast library of fonts to choose from if you're a gold member.

Huge Collection of online assets

PicsArt has a huge collection of online assets to choose from, some filters and stickers are available to choose from, you can find a lot of things there as per your needs. PicsArt has many users and they edit a lot of images with picsart, you can even use those pre-edited styles on any of your images with just one click.

PicsArt gold Features

PicsArt itself is packed with features, there's nothing to not like about features, however, there are ads on the free version, and some things like the assets library are limited, with the gold plan of picsart, you have to pay a monthly subscription fee, for with you can access to a ton of online assets and stickers, from the picsart online library. The PicsArt online has other features unlocked like the removal tool and also some exclusive filters that are only available on the paid gold plan.


PicsArt is one of my favorite apps, it's a must to have it on my phone, I use it now and then. PicsArt app has been there and has improved a lot, the app popularity has got a very huge bump. the app is becoming so dominant that its competitors are falling behind. PicsArt is also very popular because of its AI features like automatic background removal or object Removal. There are numerous options to choose from. 

Overall, the app is excellent and is recommended for you to try.

Mod Info:
  • Gold Unlocked
  • Premium Unlocked
  • Work Without Login
  • Premium Version

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