Merge Dragons

Merge Dragons

DeveloperGram Games Limited.
Size142 MB
Requirements5.1 and up

Dragons can be seen in movies, paintings, and legends. Dragons are symbols of House Targaryen, descendants of kings and rulers, in the Game of Thrones. For mankind, the dragon is a symbol of strength, prosperity, and dread. Dragons, on the other hand, are depicted as a kind of pet in this game and are quite cute.

Dragonia was a magical region hidden beneath clouds thousands of years ago. Dragons coexist peacefully with other species here. The terrible Zomblins ruined the valley one day, dividing it into several plots. Your mission is to use magic to reconstruct Dragonia and to resurrect the valley's wildlife — dragons, dragon eggs, trees, flowers, Gaia's monuments, legendary creatures, and so on.

What is Merge Dragons all about?

Gram Games has developed Merge Dragons!, a free puzzle game for Android and iOS. Its gameplay is similar to those of popular match-3 puzzle games such as Candy Crush Saga and Bejeweled. Have you heard of these games before? It's fine if the answer is "not yet." Merge Dragons! is suited for everyone, including tiny children, due to its exceedingly simple and easy-to-understand gameplay.

Features of Merge Dragons Mod

You may combine everything and everything here. Create new entities and be amazed at what you've come up with.

You get to match and create new objects like plants, buildings, currency, treasure, vaults, and stars. There are over 500 items to pick from.

Pull in three different types of comparable objects and combine them to make something even more attractive. Legends about dragons, magic, quests, and expeditions will be revealed to you. It's a type of wonderland.

It's a magical place to be, where you can give birth to new beings. Dragonia, Zomblins, Dragon eggs, magical flowers, and a variety of fantastical animals can all be found. Mix and match different sorts of eggs to create new, powerful dragons. Get rewarded for solving puzzles. Can Knockdown 3 also be high on your priority list.

There are 81 challenges for you to complete.

  • Create new beings and dragons by dragging three elements.
  • Make a match with Life Essence to get more power out of it.
  • There are over 37 different types of dragons.
  • With 900 tasks to complete, the challenge is never-ending.
  • Find hidden zones and earn points for doing so.
  • Gram Games presents Merge Dragon, a thrilling game that follows in the footsteps of other popular titles like 1010, Merged, Bounzy, and Merge Farm.


Merge Dragons! is a puzzle game combined with a management simulation, where players can breed various dragons and venture together into vast lands. The whole world is designed with magical and mystical concepts and has an in-depth storyline for players to explore and enjoy its quintessence. As the player explores and expands the territory, the game will give players more attractive things, such as dragons, and the necessary equipment to raise them. Merge Dragons!

uses a puzzle-based combat system to make its gameplay friendly and accessible to a large player market. In skirmishes, the player can use the dragon's elements and powers strategically to defeat all enemies and even activate their special skills if given a chance. The game's puzzle mechanism is designed in a match-3 style, a familiar genre that most people have ever come into contact with.

Mod Info:
  • Buy everything for Coins and Gems/even when not enough or quantity 0!
  • Free Shopping

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