Lost in Blue

Lost in Blue
DeveloperVolcano Force
Requirements5.1 and above

Lost in Blue is a new and exciting game that you can enjoy on your Android device. The premise of the game is very straightforward – you are lost in space and need to find your way back home. To do this, you will need to navigate your way through various obstacles and challenges.

The graphics in Lost in Blue are quite stunning, and the gameplay is challenging but addictive. You will need to use all of your skills and wits to make it through this game alive. There are plenty of surprises waiting for you as you progress through the levels so be prepared for anything!

The gameplay is very realistic, as it requires you to pay close attention to your surroundings in order to find the necessary items for survival. The graphics are also very realistic, which makes the game even more enjoyable to play.

Lost in Blue is a new Android game that takes control of the character by tilting the device. The object of the game is to help the character navigate through different levels, avoiding obstacles and collecting coins. Lost in Blue is available for free on Ubdroid.com.

In conclusion, the Lost in Blue mod apk is a great game for those who love adventure and puzzles. The graphics are amazing and the gameplay is very smooth. I highly recommend this game to anyone who is looking for a new challenge.

Mod Info:
  • Map Speed Multi [1-3]

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