Left to Survive: Apocalypse

Left to Survive
DeveloperMy.com B.V.
Requirements5.0 and up

Left to Survive: Zombie Survival PvP Shooting Game is a 3D first-person shooting game where players are hunted by zombies. Players must use their arsenal of weapons and ammo to fight with and defend themselves against waves of zombified civilians and military personnel. The game offers players the ability to craft and create their own weapons as well as upgrade them with different attachments.

Game mechanics

Left to Survive is a multiplayer zombie shooting PvP game in which players must make effective use of their surroundings and shoot the infected like zombie survivalists with various weapons in order to survive. It is also possible for players to strategically work together to earn achievements and help each other complete difficult tasks.

Play Styles:

Left to Survive is a co-op zombie survival game that requires players to cooperate with each other in order to survive. Players are dropped into the world armed only with their fists and must work together with other team members to gather resources in order to build shelters, find food, and craft weapons in order to fight off hordes of zombies.


The weapons in the game consist of a variety of different firearms, including shotguns, assault rifles, and sniper rifles. Players are able to craft their own weapons by combining a variety of different attachments, including scopes, silencers, and extended magazines.


There is a real-time survival mode in the game, where players must fight thru waves of zombies in order to earn points and survive. Players will fight their way thru a series of waves after waves of zombified players in order to reach a safe zone and survive.


If you’re a fan of zombie games, Left to Survive is the game for you. This multiplayer first-person shooter allows players to do everything from crafting or hunting for supplies to killing other human players in a variety of different multiplayer modes. In this survival game, you start out with just your clothes and a random weapon. Along the way, you collect useful items such as weapons and gear that can be crafted into something more useful.

Players can participate in a variety of PvP:

Many video games feature player vs. player (PvP) combat, where players can battle each other in-game. Left to Survive: Zombie Survival is a game that pits human survivors against the undead in PvP combat. Players can craft weapons and use them to survive against zombies, which are both slow-moving and able to infect humans with the zombie virus thru bites or scratches. Survivors can also be infected by returning from an exploration without wearing gloves.


Left to Survive is a five-vs-five multiplayer survival game. Unlike other multiplayer shooter games, this one focuses on the phenomenon of a zombie apocalypse. The genre is popular because it allows players to explore their survival skills and make difficult decisions. It also promotes teamwork and strategy, as players must work together to increase their chances of survival. One review states that "Ultimately, Left to Survive is a fun, new zombie survival PvP shooting game that's worth playing.

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