Requirements4.3 and up

Koloro is an application that allows you to alter photographs using a variety of presets and advanced editing tools. It is necessary because the colour presets will most likely not meet the user's expectations. Simply touch a preset to see the image's colour change, then repeat until the correct colour appears. After selecting an appropriate Lightroom preset, you will begin the advanced colour correcting procedure, where users can find several capabilities. They are put in a specific order, and you simply need to follow this order to learn, and you will acquire experience utilising them over time. After you've completed modifying an image, you may archive or use it with the Lightroom Presets Koloro.

What exactly is Koloro?

Koloro is a photo editing app similar to those you've used before. However, it is particularly potent and professional. Furthermore, it is quite simple to use. Even if you don't know anything about Lightroom, you can do it.

Did such a brief introduction pique your interest? Let's see how the excitement grows as we get into the details!

To begin, simply upload your photo (or photos) to Koloro. Then choose one to proceed to the application's Home page. The circle represents Presets, the stacked shapes represent Effects, and the remaining icons represent the Basic and Advanced Image Editors, as well as the Crop tool.

When you click on one of the icons, you will be taken to the relevant library. Let's take a look at each one individually now.

Koloro's Lightroom preset is unrivalled.

A preset is an output file that contains the image's adjustment parameters throughout the editing process. It is possible to refer to it as a "recipe collection." You simply apply it to your image, and it will be changed using the same editing options without having to redo it step by step. Using a Preset saves time and work while also ensuring image uniformity because it can be applied to multiple photographs rapidly.

Professional photographers always have "one-of-a-kind" presets. Typically, you can order directly from the owner or just download from all levels of premium, medium, and mass sharing sites. Great presets all offer really remarkable colour effects, such as mimicking film hues, classic retro tones, clear watercolours that show natural details effectively, or yellow light making skin smoother and fresher.

The library of Lightroom presets is, of course, the highlight of Koloro. Until I published this review, the library contained over 500 different presets in a variety of styles and colours.

There are many Lightroom presets that mega stars all around the world use, such as Morandi, Cream, and Coco. Bali Bay, Cappuccino, Gold & Grey, Pet, Amber, Boho, Spring, Silver Grey, Fall in Love, Champagne... Most presets are influenced by a variety of sources, including movies, landscapes, fashion, travel, and food. There are also distinct themes, including retro and vintage, vacation, light leak, bokeh, black and white, cyberpunk, gourmet, and film.

Furthermore, there are many distinct hues and tones to pick from in each combination. You have roughly 2-3 free presets (Feature, Blogger, and one more present based on the user's history of involvement with the app) in free or free trial mode.

A quick guide to the functions in Koloro's Presets section.

In Presets mode, you can also view the following things on the main page, which correspond to a highly helpful feature of the app:

  • Recent refers to the sort of preset that you have recently edited.
  • This ensures that the image is consistent, and it also speeds up the process rather than having to re-edit it.
  • Save the preset with the changes you just made to your image for future use (you can save a lot of presets as links).
  • Favorite: store all of the settings from the library that you prefer. It will be easier to find them afterwards if you don't have to look for them.

In addition, three significant icons can be seen in the upper right corner of the screen:

Use the Up arrow icon to assist in the creation of a QR Code for your new image and presets. Simply use, preview, and share this code with your friends to create similar graphics.

  • Make use of the Down arrow icon: Import the QR code, scan it, and then input the Recipe Code.
  • After finishing the editing, the output command is Victory tick. It has the "Save," "Share on Instagram," and "Share on other social networks" buttons.

You can not only "use the available objects" when using Koloro, but you can also directly edit and mix various presets in the same image to create a new, unique, and impressive preset. The QR code scanning and generation method also makes it faster and easier to share or download a preset. Isn't it simple? Anyone, I believe, can make use of it.

In addition to presets, Koloro has an extensive effect library.

Koloro is also powerful in terms of effects, with a vast range of authentic and continuously updated effects. You can use Snowflake to make snow fall on your image, Hacker to create a digital space in the background, or Sunblind to add a little sun blind to your image, similar to a ray of sunlight from sunset... Simply tap and select. You apply fresh effects to your photograph once more.

What are your thoughts on Koloro? Koloro is just right for me. If you use it for free, there are 2-4 consequences depending on when you download it, such as whether it is part of a special deal. However, there are numerous sub-effects in each effect. You are free to utilise them. It will also unlock many other outstanding settings and effects for those who pay according to the Koloro packages. And your virtual life game can be really lovely as a result.

Koloro includes both basic and expert picture altering tools.

In addition to Presets and Effects, and other picture editing software, Koloro offers an advanced and basic image editing package, allowing you to intervene deeply in image details such as cut, crop, scale, and brighten, dark, contrast, saturation, highlights... This toolkit contains everything you need to edit images before or after using Present or Effect.

Mod Info:
  • Premium Unlocked
  • Premium / Paid features unlocked
  • Ads-Free Access

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