DeveloperKineMaster Corporation
Requirements6.0Β and up

What is KineMaster Pro Mod apk?

KineMaster Pro is one of the most advanced video editors available for the smartphone. It has many features which are very advanced compared to the competition. KineMaster Pro has helped many users fulfilling their dream of becoming a digital creator without many resources.

However, KineMaster Pro can be expensive for many people, especially beginners. Therefore, many developers have modified the original premium version to make it accessible without losing features.

KineMaster Pro Mod has all the features present on the paid KineMaster Video Editor. It has advanced features like Chroma Key, Multiple video layers, support for audio recording, and a massive collection of transitions and effects, and much more.

Why Choose KineMaster MOD apk?

Full Premium Features For Free!!

KineMaster Pro MOD brings the premium features offered by the kinemaster premium subscription for free!

No Watermark or Ads.

Generally, the free version of KineMaster comes with many ads and an unprofessional watermark on video export, but not anymore! The Kinemaster Pro Mod is modified to remove all those annoying ads and watermarks.

Advanced Video Editing.

KineMaster is the best video editor for the smartphone. It is so good that it can match the quality of many other professional video editing softwares.

Features of KineMaster Pro Mod apk.

Chroma Key Support.

Chroma Key is one of the most advanced features of Kinemaster Pro Mod. Chroma Key is a very advanced feature used in most modern movies nowadays. Be it your favourite superhero movie or any science fiction. Chromakey is used everywhere. Now you, too, can create the same level of a professional movie like videos on your smartphone just with Kinemaster.

4K Support

Kinemaster Pro Mod is one of the rarest video editors on the smartphone that supports 4K editing. As smartphone cameras' video quality is getting better day by day, features like 4K video recordings are present in modern smartphones. After shooting the videos, there is no excellent way to edit the 4K footage on our smartphones. But not anymore Kinemster Pro Mod can edit and export 4K videos very easily like butter.Kinemaster.

Fully Premium

The Kinemaster Pro Mod is the full premium version of the kinemaster, modified by brilliant developers to get the premium features for free. Paying for a subscription might be very hard for people who can't invest in it. So, Kinemaster Pro Mod is the solution for them.

Professional transition effects

Kinemaster Pro Mod has all paid and premium transition effects available on the Paid version of Kinemaster. The transition effects are the most professional in the market and can even look very professional. The transitions effects of Kinemaster Pro Mod are very responsive and professional.


Kinemaster Pro Mod has the feature of animating text, pictures, or even videos. You can either use keylogging key animation frames or export external resources from the internet to start your animation making journey with Kinemaster Pro.

Multiple Layers

Kinemaster Pro Mod supports multiples frames of video editing. The feature enables users to combine different things like images and videos. Even stickers and other overlays can be added to get the perfect look for your video.

Colour Adjustments

Colour grading is one of the most underrated features of Kinemaster pro. No one likes a dull and boring coloured video. Everyone likes a punchy and colourful video. So, we can often see movies using different colour adjustments, which made them look excellent.


In conclusion, the KineMaster Pro is a powerful app for the phone, especially with its unique video editing abilities like the chroma key. KineMaster Pro is the way to go for people looking for a video editor to edit videos professionally but cannot spend a ton of money on buying one. Or it's perfect for people who don't have a PC but still want to make videos to show them to the world.

KineMaster Pro is very responsive to all modern phones, and it works like a charm. Only a few video editors on the smartphone work as well as the KineMaster Video Editor.

KineMaster can be used for all sorts of devices. Be it either Android or IOS, But the version we provide is only for Android as IOS doesn't support apps' sideloading.

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