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Intro Maker
Size37 MB
Requirements5.1 and up

Intro Maker – music intro video editor is a tool that will support maximum users. The creation of an intro is impressive. Thousands of intro templates are available for you to choose and use. You do not need to spend any money to be able to use it at all. This app follows many topics, styles, and even the hobbies of the users.

Thousands of well-designed intro and outro templates are available for choice and keep on updating more. Real-time editing and preview. Projects are saved automatically for re-editing. 50+ royalty-free music styles prepared for Dynamic Intros, Cinematic Promo videos, and for Fresh Travel Vlogs etc. 120+ no copyright sound effects for choice, covering themes of movie explosions, gaming and more etc. The app has hundreds of animated stickers for your choice-and can be customized to suit different social media and photo-editing needs!

The Intro Maker (MOD, VIP Unlocked) is a video-editing app that allows you to create an intro for your video. You can change the type, the fonts, and the filter to make your intro completely different. The app also has more than 100 free music genres available, so you can choose what kind of intro you want to make.

  • This is so easy that you can comfortably do it on your phone.
  • Intro Maker (MOD, VIP Unlocked) Thousands of intro templates are available for you to choose and use. Another thing worth mentioning is that all the intro templates available in this application are provided for free.
  • A short intro will be shown to you with the brand Intro Maker in the middle of the screen.
  • And when you change your video flavor, you can change the style of the intro.
  • The auto-save feature of Intro Maker also supports a lot of users.
  • You must know which topics your videos are made on so that you can choose your music.
  • In addition, sound effects to increase the drama of your intro are also available.

There are many intro templates to choose from and use.

Another point worth highlighting is that all of the intro templates in this programme are completely free. You do not have to spend any money in order to use it. Simply download the app to have access to this vast, attractive, and frequently updated effect library. You will be led to a screen divided into many uniform cells as soon as you click on the application.

Each of these boxes will reveal a different template, which will be displayed at the best viewing angle. Furthermore, the words Intro Maker, as well as a demo, are displayed in the centre of the screen. If you like the template, you can touch it to view the other effects it has. With the brand Intro Maker in the centre of the screen, you will be shown a brief intro. You can easily replace any text in the intro to make it your own.

The video quality.

Intro Maker restricts the video quality and requires customers to pay for their services. The videos are initially released at 480p quality. The videos in this format are quite small, and it appears that it is only suitable for use on mobile devices. The video may be broken and not sharp if you watch it on a wider screen.

Videos in 1080p resolution can also be exported. The video quality is considerably crisper and sharper now. Even if you're a novice Vlogger, this is what you're going for. Our MOD APK version will assist you in resolving this issue. You may make high-quality intro videos without spending any money.

Even new users will find the app simple to use.

You just have roughly 30 seconds to complete everything in the app. To observe how the application creates an intro demo, tap on the template you've chosen. If it's already a break, simply tap the screen once more to type a line. The review can then be easily reviewed in real-time. Work on editing is done swiftly and easily till the final output is created.

Many users will benefit from Intro Maker's auto-save option. If you neglect to save, all of your research efforts will be for naught. It's a lot easier to edit and construct a long-term project with this feature.

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