Indian Train Simulator

Indian Train Simulator
DeveloperHighbrow Interactive
Requirements6.0 and up

Indian train simulator, as the name suggests, is a simulation game based on Indian trains, and it's the journey. You can become a Train drive and carry thousands of passengers from different places. There are 32 stations and no trains. There are many things to enjoy in this game; let's have a look at what the game has to offer.

Different Trains to choose from

Indian Train simulator has various trains to choose from; there's every type of train you can find from the Indian Railways. The Indian railways have a vast and different train series; all the popular trains like the Rajdhani express, the Shatabdi Express are all there. And you can also choose between different engines for your trains; There are different types of trains, including passenger trains, trains carrying couriers, and trains carrying coals and fuels. 

Not all the trains are unlocked by default. To unlock the other trains, players have to purchase them with coins they receive from playing missions or purchase coins from the game.

A very good collection of missions.

The Indian Train Simulator has a very good collection of missions that players have to perform; there are missions where you have to carry passengers from station to station; you should be efficient and maintain that the passengers reach their destinations. There are also missions where you don't carry passengers, but you carry luggage and safely reach the destination.

The missions are very good and fun; the more missions you complete, the more coins you earn, there are many modes to choose from. You can be career more or maybe any free roam. 

Also, you have to maintain the speed of your train; not having the right speed will fail stoppage, and you will fail in your missions. There are signals, which indicate how much speed is ideal. And there are also signals for other trains crossing by. You have to follow them all, and if you miss something, you might fail in completing the mission.

Realistic Graphics and environment.

The Indian Train simulator has very realistic graphics. The trains are very accurate in looks, and also the environment and especially the sounds that are used are very real. Even the voices that play in the stations are accurate and are very real. The sounds of moving trains and horns are very real too. The graphics are very good to look at; the Indian Train Simulator replicates all the popular looks and sounds, making it one of the more realistic train simulator to play.

Travel all over India

With more than 32+ destinations and many places to choose from, you can surely travel around India and experience, from the point of a train driver, you get to drive trains and see beautiful sceneries built into the game. The scenes are different for different places. Overall, the traveling experience is very diverse and gives a perfect experience, and it's good.

A vast collection of Locomotives

The game offers locomotives in WAP4, WAP7, WDG-3A, WAP5, WAG7, WAG9, WDP4, WDG4, WAG7 (Tiger Face), WAM4, WCAM-3, and many more. These are locomotives used in the Indian railways; The collection is phenomenal and offers a great experience, especially for people who are into trains. Locomotive lovers will love this game because of its huge collection. All the locomotives have diffrent speeds and performance; there are electric ones, and also there are the ones that run with diesel, or there are ancient locomotives that still use coal for fuel.

Popular series of trains

Indian Train Simulator also has the best collection of trains that are ever created. Indian Train Simulator contains every superfast train to the cargo trains. The developers introduced Shatabdi, Rajdhani, Garib Rath, Gatiman, Duronto, Double-Decker, Deccan Odyssey, Mahamana, Tejas Express, and many more.


The Indian Train simulator has a lot going on it; the Indian Train Simulator has a huge collection of locomotives and trains; there are also many places and many game modes which you can play. The game is not limited to a single place or a single train. There are options for everyone to choose from. Also, there are things that the players should follow; they should follow train signals and other signals. They have to maintain the speed of their trains. 

Overall the driving experience is something phenomenal. The players enjoy playing the game. Overall, the game is very fun to play, and also the developers are constantly updating the game and adding new missions, trains, and locomotives. 

How to download and install The Indian train Simulator?

Installing the Indian train Simulator is not very hard. All you have to follow the steps, and it will be installed easily.

Step 1: Download the game from the link we have provided.

Step 2: After the download is done, click on the downloaded apk and install it.

Step 3: Make sure to turn on unknown sources for your android device.

If the installation fails, make sure to check that you have not installed any previous or other versions of the game; if you have already installed the game from the Google Play store, uninstall it, and try reinstalling the Mod apk of the Indian train simulator.

Download Indian Train Simulator Mod Apk


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