Half-Life 2

Half-Life 2
DeveloperNVIDIA Lightspeed Studios.
Requirements5.0 and up

Half-Life 2 is a classic shooting game with a first-person perspective that most realistically simulates the scene taking place. The main character, Gordon Freeman, is able to drag all objects towards his side in battle. The game has received a warm welcome from gamers around the world for its thrilling and attractive storyline. The original version of the game launched extremely smoothly, bringing unexpected success, so in order not to make players look forward to it, Half-Life2 was released. In Half-Life 2, you will experience extremely diverse enemies as well as fighting plots.

The tactics they use are more sophisticated and more complex than the original version. It is as if they no longer work alone but gather into powerful armies united against you. Gordon is a formidable opponent when he always has a lot of weapons with him. Even explosives, fire, and traps are carefully equipped.

Mod Info:
  • Added episodes 1 and 2, as well as Portal

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