Funimate Video Editor

Funimate Video Editor
DeveloperAVCR Inc.
Requirements5.0 and up
Mod Info:
  • Pro Unlocked: With this version, you can use all the premium features of the Pro version without having to pay any fees.

Funimate Mod Video Editor is a video editing app that will bring you many exciting editing functions that you can not ignore. You can edit, crop, or stitch elements together to form a sequence of images or videos. The app's editing interface is straightforward when the functions are entirely arranged into different tabs for users to learn. Users will be looking at these products repeatedly, so you can adjust them before moving on to the next steps. The Funimate Video Editor is an app that allows you to add visual effects and filters to your videos.

It will make viewers unable to take their eyes off because of the exciting sounds and the effects that appear before their eyes. You can also add text and sounds to express your personality in the products you create. The Funimate Video editor is available for iOS and Android devices from the App Store.

Funimate is the best mobile video editing app available! Become one of the millions of Funimate users who can quickly produce complicated video edits. With Funimate, you'll be able to swiftly generate PRO modifications thanks to our unique and advanced editing capabilities.

With unique video capabilities like transitions, custom animations, video and text effects, and filters, you can make great Fan Edits or liven up your freestyle films. From our element library of thousands of options, add stickers, backdrops, and overlays to your movie to show off your creativity and impress your friends.

You may post your fun videos on TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, Musically, and TikTok to impress your friends and acquire fans! Don't forget to join the Funimate community and submit a post for a chance to be featured!

Because of the innovative videos they generate using unique Funimate video effects, Funimate users are featured more frequently on social media sites like TikTok!

Even if you aren't a pro, Funimate allows you to make complicated, multi-layered edits that appear professional with only your smartphone.

You can find the following on Funimate:

  • Fans edit films to express their gratitude and love for celebrities and influencers.
  • Text effects, AI effects, and video effects abound in lip sync, dance, and freestyle videos.
  • Our users create amazing anime edits with their favourite anime and manga characters.

TRANSITIONS: Add amazing transitions to your edits with only a single tap! We provide the most impressive video transitions to impress your audience. Simply drag and drop your photos and videos into the app, and with a few touches, you'll have a cool video with professional-looking video transitions.

ELEMENT LIBRARY: Overlays, stickers, and backdrops from our element library, which has thousands of items to choose from, make video editing even more enjoyable. Funimate also allows you to add text to movies and use hundreds of emojis to make unique musical videos, lip sync videos, and slow motion videos.

KEYFRAMES: When it comes to making your videos stand out, you're not limited to our effects. With the photos on your phone, you can create your own effects. Animating your layers with keyframes is a breeze! Discover bespoke animations to impress your fans with your artistic abilities.

VIDEO MASK & AI EFFECTS: With a single click, you can change the background of your movies and apply cool mask effects! To test it out, add a dance/freestyle video, then hit the AI Effects button and select the desired effect. That concludes our discussion.

EFFECT MIX: Tons of different effects to give your films a professional look! In the Funimate video editor, you may experiment with over 100 complex video effects.

EFFECTS FOR INTRO & OUTRO: Choose from a variety of intro and outro animations for your words, photos, and videos.

TEXT EFFECTS: Add song lyrics to your video with a variety of text effects, such as neon lights, colours, and more. There are plenty of typefaces to choose from!

ADD MUSIC TO VIDEOS: To generate short music video clips with creative effects, add your favourite music to videos

CROP, MERGE, CUT, TRIM, AND EDIT VIDEOS: In addition to all of the cool capabilities, you'll have standard video editor app features like cropping, merging, cutting, trimming, and editing videos. The only video editor you'll ever need is Funimate. With a single tap, you can also generate reverse and slow motion videos!

JOIN FUNIMATE 'S VIDEO EDITING COMMUNITY: Shoot videos for weekly challenges, demonstrate your creativity with video effects and hot music, and get featured on Funimate to expand your fan base. Increase your likes by sharing your creativity on TikTok, Instagram, Youtube, and Musically: the ideal method for wowing your friends and gaining new fans.

When the app asks you to update, please turn off the internet connection to continue using Funimate Pro.

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