Silly Royale

Silly Royale
Requirements4.4 and up

Silly Royale is a game that mainly wants players to practice communication skills. The player can use the built-in voice chat function to communicate with people, thereby having a more enjoyable experience for a detective and hide-and-seek game. In the main game mode, the rules are simple but require the player to have good detective ability to find the real demons hiding among survivors. Devil Amongst Us is an impressive game that allows players to communicate with people smoothly and more flexibly. It will integrate with many impressive communication functions, such as voice chat or emotes, to help people interact and co-operate. Its classic game modes will make the gameplay richer than ever, even bringing players various expressions and moments with friends.

Features of the Devil Amongst Us Mod

Modes of Play

Choose from three game modes: Murder Mystery, a social deduction game, Hide N Seek Jailbreak, or Cops and Robbers, which will be available soon. For a private match, customise your game settings.

Chat on the phone

Voice Chat is available in all private rooms. Hide and Seek has an always-on Voice Chat feature. When the devil is close by, tell your buddies.

The Murder Mystery has three different voice modes to choose from.

1. Only Default Meetings (Everyone can speak at meetings, ghosts can only listen)

2. Mode of Murder Mystery (Everyone has the ability to talk; ghosts can only listen and not communicate.)

3. On all the time (Everyone Abides by an Honor Code)


For many years, evil spirits have lived in a massive home. Completing all of the little chores inside the estate is the only way to release the mansion from these spirits, but beware of the impostors who will ruin your efforts. The game is very similar to the werewolf and mafia games you've been playing.


All of the players enter the haunted mansion, and a select number are possessed by the Devil to play the part of the game's imposter. Each player will be given a certain assignment to perform.


Every time a dead body is reported or an emergency call is received, there is a voting round. Vote to evict the Devil, but don't evict an innocent Silly because you'll be helping the Devils win the game.

Goal by the Devils

The Devils won the game by defeating the remaining Silly's Silly Goal players. In the Murder Mystery Mode, find and vote out Devils Among Us by completing all of the little quests inside the mansion.

Suspects should be identified.

Check to discover who is acting strangely and who is a true player.

Imposters must be removed from the game.

Before the game ends, the impostors should be voted out. Make sure you don't vote for a knucklehead.

Stupid Universe

Choose from a variety of skin and headgear combinations to personalise your Silly.


Devils Amongst Us is a 4-10 person online multiplayer game set in a haunted home or prison. Create your own Silly Avatar and audition for the role of "Silly" or "Devil."

Mod Info:
  • All Skins Unlocked

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