Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars
Size207 MB
Requirements5.1 and up

Fast-paced 3v3 multiplayer and battle royale made for mobile! Play with friends or solo across a variety of game modes in under three minutes.

Brawl stars is an excellent mobile game. The game is mainly based on shooting, and the game has a lot going for it. That game is developed by Supercell, the same company that made the popular game clash of clans. Brawl stars have everything you need in a shooting game. The game is not a 3D shooting game like PUBG MOBILE or other like COD MOBILE about Brawl stars is the perfect game for people wanting to have fun by playing a game. Brawl stars are fully multiplayer and an online game. There Is no offline mode for brawl stars. The online mode has different gameplays and modes. Let's now dig deep into the brawling experience.

Gem Grab (3 vs 3)

As the name suggests, this model shows players can choose their character and have to grab gems from the map. There is a threshold of gems, the more gems any one team can collect; they win the battle. Also, by killing someone who has many gems, those gems will be yours. You have to protect yourself and make sure you keep on collecting gems, and the more and faster you will collect, you will be a winner. There is a period in which you have to collect gems to win.


Showdown is basically like a battle royal mode for brawl stars, there are many players, and the last surviving will be the winner; in this mode, you have to defeat other players and save yourself; you only have one life. There is no respawn. There are bushes where players can hide and protect themselves; many characters choose from on brawl stars. Different characters have different powers. You can choose the one you like the most. The showdown mode can be played solo or duo with any of your friends. You can have friends on brawl stars and play matches with them.

Brawl ball

Brawl Ball is like a football match but with only 3players on each side. On brawl ball mode, there is a ball and two goalposts. You have to take the ball and make goals into the opponent's goal post. The one scoring three goals first win. The situation can be compatible as many players are very good at it. You have to practice and try harder to reach the level of other pro players. Brawl ball can be played with your friends, or you can choose to play with random players from around the globe.


In this mode, you have to kill the opponents and collect stars. After you kill your opponent, you get stars, and the team that collects the most stars wins the game. The mode is very fun and competitive, as you have to survive and not get killed by your opponents. And on the other hand, you also have to look after your teammates, and also you have to kill your opponents to get stars so that you can become the winner easily. The mode is not easy, but it is very fun to play.


In this mode, you have every both of the team has a safe; the one stealing the safe first wins the game. You have to sneak and not get killed to get your opponent's chest. If you can get it first, you can be the winner; overall, the model is also very fun and addicting to play, especially with your friends.

Special events

There are also special events that occur now and then; the events are very good and add a lot of value to the game. However, the events don't last forever, and they are for a short period only. You can participate in those events and try winning exclusive prizes.

Championship challenge

Championship challenge is the esports challenge of brawl stars where many players worldwide join together and compete against each other to win; the winner gets very good prizes. Only the top players of the world can win here!

Unlock and upgrade your characters or brawlers.

The characters of brawl stars are called brawlers; you can upgrade them. By default, they are locked; after you keep on playing matches, they keep on getting unloaded. You can also unlock them with creates that you receive after matches. The opening creates more cards to upgrade your characters; the more you upgrade, the stronger your character gets, and it becomes easy for you to win matches. 

Brawl pass

Brawl pass is the season pass, where players can buy and get items, such as skins and characters. The brawl pass has missions, and if players complete those missions, they get the items in reward. The brawl pass contains many items, and the brawl pass keeps on changing along with the season after a certain amount of period.


There are leaderboards where top players gain their names; the leaderboards are from among all the players. The excelling players only get a chance to see their names in the leaderboards. Also, there are trophies and rewards for points you collect from playing each match; according to your collection of trophies, you are ranked on the leadership board.

Constant new updates

Brawl stars have constantly been updating and making the game better and fun to play. The brawl stars team is very dedicated to fixing bugs in the game. And overall, the game is constantly getting better day by day.

Multiple maps to play

Brawl stars have multiple maps for these multiple modes for players to pay; there is a single place that you play, and the look of the maps constantly keeps on changing as there are new events. 


Brawl Stars is one of the most popular PVP multiplayer games out there; it is a perfect combination of fun and competitive, especially with all those modes; many players are playing the game. Overall the game is very fun and is recommended to try for everyone.

Mod Info (Private Server):
  • All Skins Available
  • Unlimited Resources
  • All Brawlers Available
  • Dozens Of Maps
  • Unlimited EveryThing
  • PvP Online Working

Download Brawl Stars Mod Apk (SV1)

Download Brawl Stars Mod Apk (SV2)


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