Anime Music Radio

Anime Music Radio
DeveloperMaxim Kabluka
Requirements4.1 and up

Anime Music Radio is a music streaming app that includes Japanese anime music radio stations. This software contains over 100 online radio stations that broadcast 24 hours a day, seven days a week, catering to anime fans' entertainment demands. Maxim Kabluka, a Russian developer, specialising in audio applications for the Android platform, created this app.

What is Anime Music Radio, and how does it work?

Anime Music Radio has combined all of the anime music channels and placed them on the home screen to make it easier for users to find the radio station that plays their favourite songs. To watch your favourite track, all you have to do is touch it. The radio stations are categorised by genre, such as anime OST, J-POP, J-ROCK, etc. It functions almost like a mobile music player, so I don't think it's challenging to use.

All of the music on the Anime Music Radio radio station is licensed so that you may listen to your favourite anime music in the most incredible possible quality (32bit). Make your playlist with ease. Of course, there are some songs you'll want to listen to again and over again, so make a playlist of them to listen to while driving.

These radio stations do not require high internet speeds, so you can listen to your favourite stations even if your internet connection is slow. You can also open the buffer so that the programme remembers the currently playing radio and allows you to listen to it again when you're offline.

Furthermore, you may quickly find other online radio sources on the internet and play them by simply entering their URL into Anime Music Radio.

Anime Music Radio's Features

Channels with good music

There are a lot of good music channels on Anime Music Radio. It features a variety of original anime soundtrack pieces. Choose the music channels you want to listen to. A playlist of songs will be played. Listen to movie soundtracks if you're going to relax. Anime Music Radio will provide you with a complete musical experience. Each radio station's music will be categorised. To make it simple for listeners to locate and select. On mobile devices, Anime Music Radio is simple to use. Like other music streaming services, The only distinction is that this is an anime music-focused music app.

Station for music streaming

Songs are broadcast via internet radio stations. Bring out the most pleasurable experience for you. Regularly, there is a lot of live radio. You will have a plethora of possibilities at your disposal. Anime Music Radio, on the other hand, has far too much fantastic music. One of the programmes that allow you to stream high-quality music. Meet the user's requirements. Bring in some high-octane entertainment and listen to some anime music. There's no requirement for a super-fast network connection. Anime Music Radio can play music even if your internet connection is slow. Anime Music Radio also saves radio stations for you to listen to when you don't have access to the internet.

The sound of the music being played back

Thousands of anime songs are available to listen to with excellent audio quality. So that the audience can feel the music, become completely immersed in each stanza and the lyrics, when you visit Anime Music Radio, you may be confident in what the app has to offer. From words to music, sounds are produced. Everything is brought together flawlessly. You can also make your playlists at the same time. Save good music to listen to over and over again. Many beloved songs can be found on playlists. Anime Music Radio is a top-notch music station. Many functionalities are included to let users enjoy music while having a variety of unique experiences.


Anime Music Radio has released a unique mobile application for anime fans to enjoy their ultimate music experience. Have a good time with the thrilling music and soundtracks from your favourite anime shows and films. Choose from dozens of different radio stations and listen to fantastic music whenever you want. Anime Music Radio's excellent mobile app will provide convenient and pleasurable music experiences on the go.

And, most importantly, now that the app is unlocked and accessible on our website, you'll have even more reasons to start using it. It will, of course, be available for you to pick up at any time.

Mod Info:
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