Angry Birds Journey

Angry Birds Journey
DeveloperRovio Entertainment Corporation
Requirements7.0 and up

In this simple and easygoing slingshot game, you will fling birds with the slingshot and topple towers to solve riddles and save lovely hatchlings. Angry Birds Rio is the most enjoyable and straightforward Angry Birds game yet, ideal for unwinding and relaxing.Fireflies must be reunited with their soulmates, and many more dynamic riddles must be solved.

What is the story of the Angry Birds?

Angry Birds Journey, originally known as Angry Birds Casual, is a slingshot puzzle game developed and published by Rovio Entertainment, which was released in March 2020. There are currently nineteen Angry Birds games available, with this being the eleventh game that features slingshot gameplay.

The game was withdrawn from the App Store in December 2020, and the name of the game on Google Play was changed to Angry Birds Journey. The game will be officially re-released on Google Play on January 14, 2021. It is a great disappointment for gamers in the Asian region that the game is presently only available in North America and a few European nations, which is a shame. But don't worry, you can get the APK file from APKMODY and put it on your device to play wherever and whenever you want.

Angry Birds Journey has the following features:

A few of the game's most impressive features are listed below.

Playing the game is simple.

The Adventures of the Angry Birds It is a simple and straightforward game to play, with no complicated rules. After a brief period of time, players will be able to swiftly catch up with the game's gameplay. The key to winning the game is tossing birds with slingshots at towers in order to knock them down. This knowledge is essential for the player in order to be able to target the correct location on the map. Only in this manner can the problem be met and overcome. The player must also keep track of the amount of time and turns that have been hurled at him or her at each level. They will have an impact on your performance as well as the results you obtain.

Beautiful Graphics

Even though the images in Angry Birds Journey have become much more intricate than in prior games, the graphics do not disappoint players. Using the style of Angry Birds Blast also makes the characters cuter and more relatable to the user.

Completing challenges and earning coins is the goal.

By incorporating puzzles into the birds' migration routes. The completion of challenges will be required if players are to uncover solutions to the problems they face. In addition to being able to play at a higher level with each completed assignment, you will also receive additional cash. In addition, the game provides a plethora of other enticing incentives for those that succeed. You can use the coins and loot you've collected to extend your playtime or purchase additional turns with the money you've earned. Make every effort to maximize the value of your earnings.

Other outstanding features include:

• It is easy to pick up and play at any time!

• Solve puzzles that are both peaceful and entertaining!

• There are hundreds of fun levels to play!

• Unpretentious enjoyment at all levels!

• Complete levels in order to earn money and win fantastic prizes!

• You can interact with all of the traditional Angry Birds characters, as well as some new ones!

• Travel to various locales as part of a huge expedition!

Continue to follow the Egg Wonders' adventures as they unfold!

Steps: How to download and install the Angry Birds Journey Mod?

Installing the Angry Birds Journey Mod is very easy; follow the steps below:

Step 1: Download the game from the link we have provided.

Step 2: After the download is done, click on the downloaded apk and install it.

Step 3: Make sure to turn on unknown sources for your Android device.

Note: If the installation fails, make sure you haven't installed any previous or other versions of the game, and uninstall the game from the Google Play store before reinstalling the Angry Birds Journey Mod apk.


When it comes to casual entertainment games, Angry Birds Journey is a great alternative for individuals searching for something light and entertaining to play in their spare time. The game is also entirely appropriate for youngsters, thanks to the inclusion of images of really cute and amusing birds. Please download the Angry Birds Journey MOD APK from the link provided below and start playing right now!

Download Angry Birds Journey Mod Apk


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