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Alpha Backup Pro
Requirements5.0 and up

Using Alpha Backup Pro, you can perform a straightforward operation that anyone believes is necessary in order to back up some information that you believe is important. So, along with backing up, it has a plethora of additional functions that you should take the time to learn about. Users will no longer have to be concerned about losing essential information on the computer as a result of a few easy steps that are not difficult for the user to do.

Backing up user data is extremely crucial because there are numerous things that the user may require in the future. There are photographs, films, and other significant items that a person wants to keep safe for the rest of his or her life. However, because data tends to be lost over a period of time, it may be difficult to store. As a result, it is critical to have a backup of all of your data.

Alpha Backup Pro is an app that allows users to back up their data to any place they want using their mobile device. There are a few characteristics that distinguish the Alpha Backup Pro from the rest of the competitors. Continue reading to learn more about the features of Alpha Backup Pro and what it has to offer.

There are numerous capabilities in the Alpha Backup Pro

Application Manager, which is a very powerful tool.

Alpha Backup Pro is pre-installed with a fully-featured application manager that is easy to use. All of the apps may be simply handled from one location. It's really convenient and simple to use, and it provides the user with a plethora of alternatives on their mobile device.

Backup, restore, and sharing capabilities are more advanced.

Using Alpha Backup Pro, you may back up your system and user applications, in addition to installers and external data files. Backups of your whole data set, as well as external data and personal stuff like contacts, phone logs, and messages, are also possible.

System for automatic backup with advanced features.

Alpha Backup Pro includes the ability to do automatic backups. It offers the capability of backing up and installing software on a regular basis. There are several choices for automatic backup, including instantaneous backup, that you can choose from. Additionally, those who want to backup their data later can schedule their backup procedure with a few clicks of the mouse.

In addition, Alpha Backup Pro has the ability to backup the application data of a variety of different apps and the backup time can be specified in advance.

You can store your backups wherever you like.

Alpha Backup provides the possibility for users to backup their data wherever they wish. A single source is not required for this. User data may be easily backed up to a variety of storage alternatives, including their internal storage as well as portable SD cards and USB storage devices, with no effort.

Additionally, consumers have the option of storing their data in the cloud. They will have no trouble selecting the best cloud provider for their needs. Users have the option of storing their data on Google Drive, DropBox, and OneDrive, among other places. Furthermore, users can share any or all of them with other users (by clicking on the 'Share' icon on the toolbar).

You can use any method you desire to share apps/backups.

Alpha Backup provides customers with the ability to share their data with a variety of recipients. In addition to Bluetooth, users can use Wifi Direct, as well as additional choices such as NFC, IR, and any software that supports file sharing to make connections and share files more quickly and efficiently.

Additional features of Alpha Backup Pro include:

• Advanced Encryption System (also known as AES).

Custom AES encryption with a key length of 256 bits ensures the highest level of security.

• Backups in a portable (single file) format.

Other applications create several backups that are dispersed. We don't have any.

• Batch operations are performed in batches.

It enables batch operations for all forms of backups, regardless of their size.

• Backup Importer that is pre-installed.

Backups from any type of storage device can be imported.

• Conversion of an application

Transferring information from systems to users and vice versa

• Apps that can be disabled or enabled (as well as frozen or unfrozen)

• Cleaner for private data and caches particular to an application.

• Reset the settings for each individual app.

• An app lock system is pre-installed to provide additional security.

• The search is interactive.

All in one spot, you can search for apps and backups that contain highlighted characters - interactively!

• Create dedicated tabs for each type of application or backup.

• An extensive collection of controls and customization options.

• Four stunning material design themes to choose from.

• And a slew of other distinctive and intriguing characteristics.

• And there's a lot more.


A very low price makes Alpha Backup Pro one of the best apps accessible. Alpha Backup pro is one of the best backup solutions available. It can assist users in backing up and managing their data in a straightforward and flexible manner. The alpha backup pro  contains all of the features that a user may desire. All data backups can be stored wherever the user chooses, and there are numerous possibilities, making Alpha Backup Pro one of the most powerful backup apps available.

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