Alight Motion

Alight Motion
DeveloperAlight Creative, Inc.
Requirements6.0 and up

Alightmotion is an app where you can create stunning and good looking pictures with animations. There are many options on Alight Motion. Any part of the image can be animated without any editing hassle. It's as easy as eating a piece of cake.

What is Alight Motion Pro?

Alightmotion is an app where you can create stunning and good looking pictures with animations. There are many options on Alight Motion. Any part of the image can be animated without any editing hassle. It's as easy as eating a piece of cake. Alight Motion pro is the Modded version of the app Alight Motion, with all features unlocked for free. The version is for those who want to animate their excellent photos but can't afford to pay for the in-app purchase of the Alight Motion app.

Why choose Alight Motion pro over the regular or other apps?

There are many reasons to choose Alight Motion pro over the regular version and the other apps, let's know why,

Alight Motion pro vs other similar apps:

Well, Alight MotionMotion itself is an excellent app. If you download it from the play store, it's perfect for editing pictures and animating them. Other apps can do the same thing. But we found Alight Motion to be the market leader, as it has the best interface and is very stable.

Alight Motion pro runs smoothly on every device installed, it's not a power-hungry app, and it shouldn't be power-hungry as it's a photo editing app and should work fine with every device.

Alight Motion pro vs regular Alight Motion

There are many differences between the Alight Motion pro and the Regular version of the Alight Motion app. Both are identical in looks, but the regular version is very limited in features, as it's not all available for free. There are in-app purchases of the app for unlocking other more advanced features, which makes the app more expensive.

Also, the regular version has watermarks and looks very blunt and not professional. However, the Alight Motion pro is specially modded by talented developers to provide the same paid experience for free.

Alightmotion pro can be downloaded and used for free. All the paid features are unlocked, and there are no hidden charges.

Features of Alight Motion pro

Keyframe Animation:

What is keyframe animation? Keyframe animation is the ability to animate every frame of a video or a picture, which means you can animate the movent of the frames of a video or image. Generally, keyframe animation can be achieved using very high professional grade softwares. Keyframing is very popular in movies.

Often, movies are shot with very high-resolution cameras, and later they adjust the smooth movement of the scenes by adjust the frames and cropping the high-resolution videos.

Keyframing is also done with animated images and gifs. But, it was never a deal with smartphones as keyframing was very complex back in the day, now it's straightforward and possible to do on our smartphones, with the help of apps like Alight Motion pro.

Ability to add VFX or Visual Effects

Everybody knows about visual effects and their use in modern movies, and now it's so popular that most movies and video games made use of them. Visual effects can make the scene look very different as it can add or subtract anything from any scene; not only that, it can also modify the looks of characters and also add objects and many more.

The visual effects of Alight Motion are not at that level to be able to use in movies, but it's outstanding for a smartphone app to do.

On Alight Motion pro, users can add objects to scenes; for example, users can add moving clouds to their landscape snaps, making it look phenomenal. Users can add many prebuild objects and assets by default on Alight Motion; however, they need to purchase it for unlocking more.

But with Alight Motion pro, you get everything unlocked for free, and there are no purchases to be made.

Different Blending Modes

There is a variety of blending modes available for the Alight Motion pro. The blending modes can add or make an image very diffrent. It can change any image and turn it into magic. All the professional blending modes used by professional on softwares like photoshop are all available here.

Using them is so easy that a newborn can use them. Jokes apart, the blending modes can be used on any image or overlays over your image, making it unique and something different.

The creativity is unlimited; you can create anything you like with those accessible to use blending modes of Alight Motion Pro. You can also change the opacity of the blending modes, adjusting perfectly as per your editing needs.

Preset vector graphics

Alight Motion Pro has an excellent quantity fo Vector graphics available, they are not only good in quality, but they have excellent quality; there are many objects and assets to choose form.

Lately, vector graphics have been used by everyone on the internet, let it be invitations cards or wallpapers; even people love them so much that they are trendy among web designers and influencers.

Vector graphics especially look good on any youtube thumbnail. If you have a youtube channel or any website and want to set up an animating thumbnail or an excellent looking thumbnail with vector graphics, Alight Motion pro has it all for you.

Support for fonts

A good font is the most crucial part, especially in designing; no one likes an old looking ancient design font; everyone's moving towards the more modern design look. And fonts play a crucial part in designing.

If you're designing anything for the web or personal uses and want to put text onto it, you need to have a good looking font, or otherwise, the design won't be that good. 

Alight MotionMotion has a very modern and beautiful collection of fonts that everyone can use with their designs. There is no limit to how you use them; your creativity, along with alight motion pro, can give you the perfect result that you're looking for.

Different Exploring options

Alight Motion pro has the support for exporting your beautiful project in many formats; There's a format for everything; you can't just use an m as an image. Or can you? Alight Motion gives you options to export in the desired format, which can be later used.

Alight Motion exports the animated images in very high quality; it doesn't make the image blurry or pixelated; there are many options for everyone to choose as per their needs.

Support for multiple layers

Alight Motion pro has support for multiple layers. These features are often paid to unlock, but Alight Motion pro has them unlocked for free.

Blending Modes

The regular version has locked blending modes which can be unlocked by paying or purchasing it. Alight Motion Pro has them by default without needing to pay any penny.

More than 2000+ presets

The prests available for the Alight Motion pro are all available with you needing to buy them extra; they are all there for free.

No Watermark

Watermarks are the most annoying thing on any app, especially on videos or images. Alight Motion Pro has no watermarks, and your images are indeed yours.

Custom fonts for videos

There's support for custom fonts, which you can add. They are also supported on videos on the Alight Motion Pro.

Installation Guide of Alight Motion Pro

Alight Motion Pro is straightforward to install. There are no complications; you need to sideload the apk after downloading it. The sideloading on Android is very easy. For more details, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Download the Alight Motion apk 

Step 2: After your finished downloading, click on the downloaded file from your downloads folder or directly from the browsers download tab.

Step3: You need to make sure about enabling unknown sources from the settings for your android device; once allowed, you would not have any problems.

Note: If the app is not installing, make sure to check your device; if any previous or another version of the Alight Motion Pro app is installed, the new installation might fail. So, before installing the new apk, make sure to uninstall any previous versions.


Alight Motion Pro is a phenomenal app; there is no doubt about it, especially for its features, its a perfect app; howerver, the free version doesnt have many such features as the Pro one. 

If someone is downloading it directly from any other source, they might be locked with a minimal amount of features. 

This problem can be easily solved by downloading it from our website; we have the genuine and safe apk; we always ensure the security of our users and scan the files with antivirus softwares.

There are many alternatives to Alight Motion Pro, but no one does the ob better. Alight Motion Pro is the market leader in this field. 

Alight Motion Pro is perfect for graphic designers that love to design on the go; it is also perfect for influencers. Alight Motion has all the features needed to make youtube thumbnails or Instagram stories different from others. With Alight Motion Pro, you can make people wonder.

Download Alight Motion Mod Apk


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